Bucknell Student Health

Bucknell Student Health provides the best health care possible in a manner that is competent, current, compassionate, confidential, timely, and in an atmosphere of mutual responsibility without regard to race, gender, ethnic heritage, or sexual orientation. || Learn More about Bucknell Student Health

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center assists with employment, internships, externships, choice of majors, career and industry interests, and graduate/professional school searches. || Learn More about the CDC

Counseling and Student Development Center

The Counseling and Student Development Center offers a wide range of services to help make your college years more satisfying, rewarding, and productive. Programs are designed to help students grow in self-understanding, to help them use their intellectual and emotional resources as effectively as possible, and to provide a supportive "safety net" at those times when they encounter difficult or painful life circumstances. || Learn More about the Counseling and Student Development Center

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* and Queer Resources

The Office of LGBTQ Resources is committed to making Bucknell a safe place for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. This is accomplished by supporting student groups and efforts to educate and increase awareness about LGBTQ issues and current public policy concerns. The Office is guided by an advisory board comprised of students, faculty, staff, and administrators who are interested in and committed to the mission of the office. || Learn More about LGBTQ Resources

Multicultural Student Services

As an integral part of the university community, the Office of Multicultural Student Services (MSS) provides advocacy, mentorship and support for students from historically underrepresented populations and cultural leadership opportunities for all Bucknell students. Multicultural Student Services plans and implements educational programs to promote awareness and to provide opportunities for cross-cultural interaction and exchange. || Learn More about MSS

Religious & Spiritual Life

Your spiritual nurture and growth at Bucknell is an important part of your college experience, and we encourage each individual to integrate his or her personal faith and ethical growth with the formal education and social life Bucknell offers. For some students, it is a struggle to balance all the options and obligations of college life. But we encourage you to take the time to step away, gain a new perspective, find a new context, deepen your self-awareness, and ask big questions. || Learn More about the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life

Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) runs peer-facilitated study groups for many introductory courses and provides resources for academic success.  The TLC also sponsors multiple workshops and tutoring programs.  Individual consultations are always available by request. || Learn More about the TLC

The Writing Center

The Writing Center aims to strengthen and support a culture of writing at Bucknell and offers individual sessions and specialized workshops. The Writing Center is staffed by four Writing and Teaching Consultants, one Writing Consultant, a Program Coordinator, and a student staff of 40 Peer Writing Consultants. || Learn More about the Writing Center