Lewisburg is a borough in Union County, Pennsylvania, 30 miles (48 km) from Williamsport and 60 miles (97 km) north of Harrisburg. For those wishing to travel to further regions such as West Coast or Midwest regions of the U.S., a number of airports — Harrisburg International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport and JFK international Airport — serve the purpose. There is no passenger train available in Lewisburg, however, one can take the train from Harrisburg. Bus and airplane are the most common and efficient transportation systems available for international students as they provide easy access with reasonable prices. Sometimes it is cheaper to travel by bus than flying but one has to sacrifice time as a tradeoff.

Local Transportation

Short Distance Trips

  • Bucknell Shuttle -- The Student Transit office provides a University shuttle that stops at the downtown bookstore, Evangelical Hospital, Wal-Mart and Weis Markets.
  • Susquehanna Valley Mall -- The Office of Campus Activities & Programs offers shuttles to the mall on Saturday and Sundays.
  • Rent a Zipcar -- Zipcars are available for short trips. You'll need to register with Zipcar before renting, and you must have a valid driver's license.

Nearby Trips

  • Central PA Limo and Car Service (1-570-556-4777)
  • Executive Car & Limousine Service located in Lewisburg (570-244-2318 or online at http://www.execcarandlimo.com)
  • Susquehanna Valley Limo Service (1-800-685-5567)

Long Distance Transportation

The following sections provide detailed information on all available ways of traveling from Lewisburg to other regions and help you decide the most appropriate.

Bus System

One can take a bus to anywhere around the USA if time is a negligible fact for you. Greyhound Bus Line serves nationwide. You will need to take a shuttle or find a ride to one of the major bus stations. Harrisburg Station serves as a central transit station for those traveling to a different state and major cities including New York and Philadelphia.

Capital Trailways (1-800-444-2877)

Greyhound (1-800-231-2222) www.greyhound.com

Call the toll free 800 numbers above to coordinate your travel times. Generally when calling you get a person who can confirm departure and arrival times along with cost of ticket information.

Buying a Bus Ticket

The prices of the tickets depend on the distance you wish to travel and are subject to changes and vary widely depending on your destination. You can check the bus schedule for the schedule of buses traveling outside Pennsylvania at www.greyhound.com.

Bus tickets for Greyhound are available online.


By taking a bus, one can basically go everywhere around the US. But for those preferring comfort and time efficiency to low cost, traveling by plane is a good option. Traveling by bus to cities across several states is still much cheaper than traveling by plane. But it often takes more than 20 hours to arrive at your target whereas you can avoid weariness by taking a flight. Traveling to any cities more than 500 miles away will cost you both energy and time.

Which airports are available around Lewisburg? Although Williamsport regional airport and Harrisburg international airport are closest to Bucknell University, they provide very limited flights to distant locations. US airways runs exclusively to Williamsport but the number of flights is only about 2-3 flights a day. Harrisburg International Airport provides more flights but it still lacks direct flights to some distant locations. For those traveling farther across the country, one can either go to JFK in New York City or Pennsylvania International Airport in Philadelphia. With a variety of flights, these two airports provide maximum flexibility and a much lower cost for flights traveling to huge distances. Buses run directly to these airports.


The nearest train station is located in Harrisburg. Amtrak runs passenger trains to major cities on the East Coast. One major factor that hinders Bucknell International students from journeying by train is that you have to take a shuttle or find a ride to Harrisburg first. Tickets are available online.

For more information, please go to http://www.amtrak.com/

Car Rental

In order to rent a car, you need a driver's license and must be at least 18. Some companies require you to be 25. The cost of renting a car per day depends on the type of car you choose; the basic cost for an economy type car costs around 41 dollars per day. With transportation assistance charge, car rental tax, sales tax and fuel, the total cost may go beyond 50 dollars per day. The nearest car rental company, Enterprise, is situated in SHAMOKIN DAM, 9.8 miles away from Lewisburg. The company will deliver you a car to the University. At the end of the rental period, you have to drive the car back to the company.

Nearest car rental company:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Tel: (570) 743-6111

Student Ride Board

Bucknell's Campus Activities and Program provides another form of transportation through the "Ride Board". It is a program which allows you to find those students who own a car and are traveling to the same location as you. You can sign up and check the availability on the "Ride Board" located at LC ground level near the bookstore. Being a voluntary sign up, you can travel only on the date the student driver is leaving. The choices are limited and the opportunities are random; however, since it is a free ride, you can try using it. Destinations on the ride board include:

  • Airports
  • Baltimore
  • Harrisburg
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • New England and East Coast
  • Philadelphia