host family Bucknell's International Friendship Host Program matches American "host" families with International Students at Bucknell.

Being far away from home, sometimes for the first time, combined with scarce opportunities to go home, can be hard on some people. Our students are always happy to make a "home away from home".

We have students from all across the world: Croatia, France, Egypt, Russia, China, Brazil and many, many more! The level of interaction is completely up to the combined efforts of the student and the host family, providing all with the opportunity to share culture and community.

This is a great opportunity for both student and host family to meet new people and learn new things collectively.

Apply to Be a Host Family

Complete a host family application in the fall. You can also call or e-mail our community coordinator for more information: Ariana Stuhl, or 570-577-2103.

Apply to Be Matched with a Host Family

Complete a student application in the fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the student have to live with me?
A: No, all students live on Bucknell campus. This host program does not include the housing for students but you are welcome to invite students to stay with you over breaks.

Q: How much time should I spend with my student?
A:Students and families alike can choose the level of interaction, providing all with an opportunity to share culture and community. Some families invite students over for dinner in their home while others will meet for concerts, festivals, hiking or do trips out of town.

Q: Can I choose where my student is from?
A: You can specify a preferred country in the application and through our matching process we will try to meet your request. However, you may be placed with a student based on similar interests, depending on the student demographic.

Q: Do I have any responsibility for my student?
A: No, students and families usually create friendships and in that way they become part of your family.