Welcome Parents!

We have created this page to give you a concise place to find answers to your questions about Bucknell and your student's time here. Click on subject titles to be linked to the appropriate webpage. We hope you find this page useful!


The Admissions Office is your best source of information related to possible majors, how your student can apply here, and more.

Student and Other Fees

Aside from tuition costs, room and board, you will find information on other fees that may be pertinent to your student and their costs here at Bucknell.

Student Visa Information

The visa application process may seem very complicated. We have compiled some information that we hope will make the process as simple as possible for you and your student.

Transportation to Bucknell

Bucknell offers transportation services (shuttle) to and from major airports nearby, at the start and end of semesters, as well as for the mid semester breaks.

International Student Orientation

International students admitted to Bucknell University are invited to participate in a three-day orientation program specially designed to welcome them to campus and to meet their specific needs. This program is open to students on U.S. visas, permanent residents, U.S. citizens abroad, and dual citizens.  This year we expect to welcome around 70 students to our International Student Orientation. If you will travel with your student to campus in August, please let us know by e-mailing iss@bucknell.edu so we may help answer any questions and provide invitations to specific orientation events for you.


Bucknell offers student housing in a variety of settings: traditional residence halls, apartment-style facilities, small house communities (which include both special interest houses and theme houses), substance-free or quiet housing, as well as off-campus housing. Bucknell guarantees housing for all four years. First years students however, are restricted to first year residence halls.


When visiting Lewisburg, you may want to go out and explore a bit around campus. There are a multitude of things to do, and places to visit in and around Lewisburg.

Campus Break Information

If your student will stay on campus over a break, it is very important that s/he register to stay. Otherwise charges may be incurred for each unregistered day your student is present on campus.

Working On Campus

Bucknell offers a variety of available jobs on campus.  Students in F-1 and J-1 status are permitted to work on campus without special work permission.

Working Off Campus

A student cannot work off-campus without specific work permission and until certain requirements are met. S/he should explore their options carefully before accepting a job off-campus.  

Fraternities and Sororities

The fraternity and sorority community focuses its efforts on community service, philanthropy, and educational programming. Although first-year students are not eligible for membership until the first semester of their sophomore year, fraternities and sororities may invite students to participate in many of their events and activities.

Parents Board

Bucknell's Parents Board would like to extend a warm welcome to you. If you have any questions you would like to ask other parents, feel free to contact:

Christina Nicolia P'17, P'20
Old Westbury, N.Y.


Feel free to contact us at:

Phone: +1.570.577.3794
E-mail: iss@bucknell.edu