Library & Information Technology takes pride in our accomplishments and our important role at Bucknell. We are committed to professionalism, excellence, and service through:

Innovation and Creativity

We use collective experiences, expertise, passion, and original thought to be prudently bold in advancing the University's mission.


We value the exchange of ideas to accomplish common goals. Effective collaboration happens when we seek multiple perspectives.

Diversity and Inclusion

We respect and support diversity in all of its forms, including identity, skillsets, backgrounds, and experience. We practice inclusion by meeting the needs of our diverse community.


We adhere to the highest ethical principles in our personal and professional interactions, even when it is difficult to do so.

Trust and Trustworthiness

We earn the confidence of others and build a reputation for honesty and reliability by consistently following through on our commitments and being accountable for our actions.

Communication and Transparency

We foster an environment where we can share information and feedback openly and honestly, as it is vital to our collective success.