Adieu Saigon, Au Revoir Hanoi

The 1943 Vacation Diary of Claudie Beaucarnot

Adieu Saigon, Au Revoir Hanoi (also known as the Beaucarnot Project) is a large, collaborative project that involved several people from Bucknell University and California Lutheran University. The project ties together the diary of a young woman from 1943 French colonial Indochina, the journey she took while keeping the diary, and the journey re-traced by a team of history students and their professor in 2004. The project's web site includes a complete history and explanation of the project as well as additional supporting research.

David Del Testa, Assistant Professor of History at Bucknell University, was the driving force behind this project, and the web site is a culmination of several years of his work and efforts. A web site allows visitors to virtually take the journey outlined in the diary. A secondary component has been to create a digital archive of related images.

Further details are available on the project web site.

The Beaucarnot Project can be viewed via a web browser. Click here to access the collection.