At Bucknell, digital technology powers innovative teaching, research, and student experiences. The Bucknell Digital Initiatives portal gives an overview of some of the most important and exciting digital work happening at Bucknell.

Bucknell's Bertrand Library is home to the Digital Scholarship Center, a public-facing space dedicated to digital collaboration, innovation, teaching and research.

Bucknell is helping faculty develop innovative ways to apply digital technology to teaching, creating unique and powerful learning experiences for students. Bucknell students, in turn, are building robust portfolios of creative and scholarly digital work.

Bucknell is a leader in providing access to digital resources, both to its own community, and the world. The Bucknell Open Access Policy encourages Bucknell faculty to make their research openly available to the broadest audience possible. The ;Digital Collections hosted at Bucknell's Bertrand library give campus community members access to a variety of digital repositories.

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