Ongoing assessment provides evidence of effectiveness as well as feedback for continual improvement and organizational planning.  Library & IT undertakes numerous activities to assess services and resources to support Bucknell's mission and educational goals.   We strive to use assessment data to drive decision-making as part of our daily operations and strategic planning.  

The Library & IT Assessment Team:

  • Plans and prioritizes Library & IT assessment activities to ensure that efforts are valuable as well as appropriately timed, so that our users are not overly assessed.
  • Serves as a resource to other members of Library & IT as they conduct assessments within their particular areas.
  • Coordinates the implementation of major assessment instruments.
  • Coordinates analysis and reporting of quantitative and qualitative data collected from Library & IT surveys and focus groups.
  • Reports survey data to the Library & IT organization, the campus community, and to Library & IT leadership for follow-up action, as appropriate.
  • Explores opportunities to review data from other major campus surveys that may be relevant to the work of Library & IT.
  • Partners with Institutional Research and represents Library & IT as part of university-wide assessment efforts.  

Current Major Assessment Activities
L&IT Assessment Data

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