Bucknell University is an institution that values justice and celebrates culture through co-curricular activities, skill-building workshops and academics. Diversity & Inclusion are presented as a pillar in The Plan for Bucknell, making multicultural education central to the  advancement of our educational opportunities. These goals are included in the very fabric that puts Bucknell in the forefront of liberal arts institutions.

Civil Rights Alternative Spring Break Trip -
Applications Due by Dec. 15, 2018
An opportunity to explore the ongoing legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. Student and faculty/staff leaders investigate historic sites, museums, colleges and archives, interact with key historical players of the movement, and receive special behind-the-scene tours. Students partner with various community-based, national and/or civic organizations, serving a variety of local constituents in the trip area.

T.E.A.M. Peer Mentor Program
T.E.A.M -- Together Everyone Achieves More Peer Mentor Program enhances the achievement and experience of underrepresented students by matching a first-year student scholar with a mentor who will act as a liaison with the academic, social, and cultural support mechanisms available at Bucknell University and within the Lewisburg community.

Research and Scholarship Opportunities
Details about the Brawley Fund, the Bucknell Undergraduate Research Program, and national resources for scholarships, internships, and fellowships.

The Unherd Series