With a constant dedication to the Bucknell community, the Bucknell Undergraduate Executive Internship will continue evolving to foster greater relationships with Senior Staff and students at large. Interns will continue to research and understand all areas of campus and strive to contribute to campus development in meaningful ways.

The program will create well-rounded, professional students by providing mentorship opportunities with senior staff and administrators, facilitating interactions between interns and prominent University stakeholders, and working on meaningful and significant projects that affect the core of the University. The program will also expand to develop inter-office relationships such that students gain a breadth of experience and understanding of various offices.

In the future, the program will expand to appropriate levels of professional and mentorship opportunities to allow Undergraduate Executive Interns to enjoy working with senior staff and others on campus. The program will also increase its recruitment efforts and its work publicizing the benefits of the program so that these internships establish themselves as among the most sought-after internship positions on campus.

The program aims to give all students and leaders with a proven dedication and enthusiasm for Bucknell the maximum opportunity to become Undergraduate Executive Interns.