Office of the President

The Undergraduate Executive Intern positioned in the President's Office is charged with overseeing the program at large. This intern creates new and unique ways to utilize the program to cater to developing programs and initiatives on campus, including the Plan for Bucknell, Campus Climate, and Communications initiatives. This intern strives to highlight the strengths of each intern, such that they can give back to their offices based on their interest and ability. This intern ensures that each intern gains a breath of experiences in each office and that the office is able utilize their intern in creative ways. This intern creates inter-office relationships, such that offices may use the program for group-discussions and focus groups for University projects.

Interns positioned in the President's Office have the unique experience of working side by side with the University President and Senior Staff. Aside from attending the Board of Trustees' meetings in the fall and spring, interns are privileged to represent the student body at a variety of functions with the Senior Staff, including The Bucknell Forum, and other campus-wide events. Interns have often been called upon to research specific topics or questions related to the president's current work or parts of The Plan for Bucknell. Projects have included research and reports relating to property taxes assessed to a downtown bookstore, the student population and its demographics, the Board of Trustees, intellectual property and improving the president's website.

Division of Communications

The Division of Communications works to elevate Bucknell's reputation as one of the top undergraduate liberal arts universities in the nation and to build strong relationships between the University and its constituencies. It achieves this by sharing stories of students, faculty, staff and alumni in various mediums. The division is responsible for the design and production of all institutional print publications, mail services, the University website, news and media relations, institutional photography, institutional videos, the Watch Bucknell video channel, electronic publications such as e-newsletters for alumni and parents, and Bucknell Magazine.

The division works especially closely with the Office of Admissions, the Division of Development and Alumni, and the Office of the President on electronic and print publications, presentations, media relations, and events for audiences ranging from prospective students to donors. It also supports the Bucknell Forum, a national speakers series that regularly attracts to campus high-profile guests that have included John Legend, Jonah Lehrer, F.W. de Klerk, and many more. The Division of Communications is a highly creative and dynamic environment in which to work and learn about all aspects of Bucknell.

Division of University Advancement

University Advancement advances Bucknell's mission by securing financial resources for immediate and future institutional priorities. The division continuously strives to reach out to alumni and remind them of the important role they play at the University after graduation. Staff members work to establish, strengthen and maintain long-term relationships among the University, alumni, parents, friends, corporations and foundations.

Interns in University Advancement will learn about the importance of non-profit fundraising, the role of events in building affinity with donors and potential donors, and the ways in which Bucknell helps alumni integrate their career goals with their academic and life experiences. This is a unique opportunity to partner with a dynamic and energetic staff and play a key role in elevating an esteemed liberal arts institution to even greater prominence.

The interns work on projects that help develop their professional and personal skills. Assignments range from coming up with initiatives or developing already existing and new projects. Some examples include Career Development Center outreach programs to underrepresented students such as student athletes and LGBT students. Students have also worked on finding and introducing new programs to enhance career planning through use of online interview tools, and mentor programs among others.

Office of the Provost

Interns in the Office of the Provost will bridge the gap between academics and extracurricular activities. The Provost is the chief academic officer at Bucknell and is responsible for the future of the University's academic affairs. As such, interns will work directly with the Provost on course policy and graduate school placement for Bucknell students. Also, interns research fellowships that students can apply for.

From a student affairs perspective, major policies found in the student handbook come through the Provost's Office and the intern will aid in any changes that need to be made here. Interns will also focus their research on how students spend time on campus and how this can be improved for future generations of Bucknellians.

Interns in the Office of Housing Services will focus primarily on Bucknell's town-gown relations and strategic planning of Bucknell's off-campus living. Projects have included compiling information regarding off-campus student rental properties for parental review, re-visioning of 6th street, organizing and chairing the Student-Downtown Advisory Board, coordinating Bucknell's involvement with Student Lobby Day in Harrisburg and assessing town-gown relations.

Research assignments have included an evaluation of comparably sized college towns and a compilation of the history of the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership. Due to the nature of the position, interns in the past have been fairly able to suggest their own projects to senior staff according to their interests and perceived needs of the program. Interns in this position work closely with housing services, the gereral counsel and the Lewisburg mayor, as well as many other key players in the town-gown relations arena. Work in the Office of Housing Services is flexible to student schedules and highly rewarding.

Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences

As an intern in the College of Arts & Sciences, research will be completed in support for a variety of Dean's Office initiatives. Useful and timely information will be provided related to a variety of different types of requests, including for example researching the name, rank, and institution of faculty from underrepresented groups in an effort to help search committees broaden their recruitment pools for tenure-track positions at Bucknell. Initiative will be taken by defining a new project that is of importance to the intern personally and to the Dean's Office related to the office's need to provide better support to those students who may need additional guidance in adjusting to Bucknell's academic expectations.

Office of the Dean of Engineering

The College of Engineering is dedicated to providing outstanding educational opportunities in engineering to a predominantly undergraduate student body of talented men and women. Interns in this office work closely with Dean Keith Buffinton, the Associate Deans, and the Dean's office staff. Interns for the College of Engineering are given a unique opportunity to learn from and work with the people in charge of the College's operations.

Dean Keith Buffinton is constantly seeking new ways to improve the College of Engineering. Intern responsibilities are centered on research and development for new and innovative ways to improve and expand the boundaries of the College of Engineering. Interns are given different projects and tasks from the Deans and staff, and are required once a week to present his or hers work. From these projects and tasks interns develop personal and professional skills. Interns have the opportunity to be a part of major meetings, fundraisers, and events that involve the College of Engineering. Interns do not simply just attend events - but are required to participate and add their own insight, which is considered and may be used by the Deans and staff during decision making periods.

Office of the Vice President of Library & Information Technology

The office of the Vice President of Library and Information Technology oversees the management of the library, its collections, and access to scholarly resources; campus computing; telecommunications; administrative and academic computing and instructional technology; classroom and event support; and network and technology infrastructure. The intern in this office helps to assist with authoring informative blogs about past and present initiatives, help the VP bridge the gap between the L&IT organization and students, and organize focus groups to discover areas where the L&IT can help to improve its services. Other work includes researching technology that could be beneficial and innovative, exploring new social media outlets, and figuring out ways to implement and promote various initiatives.

Office of Endowments & Investments

The Endowment Office is responsible for managing the University's endowment fund in consultation with the Committee on Investments of the Board of Trustees. Interns working in the office have the opportunity to assist with projects and tasks to help manage the endowment while getting a behind-the-scenes view of the University's investments and financial position. Specifically, interns will work alongside the Chief Investment Officer and Senior Investment Analyst to conduct research on financial markets, investment strategies, investment managers, asset classes, and portfolio analysis.

Interns will also assist with ongoing due diligence efforts to monitor the endowment's existing external money managers, consisting of participation in conference calls, data collection, and calculation of risk and performance metrics. Interns will also provide assistance to the Finance Office on an as-needed basis, assisting in projects for the Vice President of Finance and Administration, Controller and Treasurer.

Division of Athletics

The intern in the Department of Athletics contributes to both the on-the-field and off-the-field success of the Bison by helping out all areas of athletics administration. The Department of Athletics is committed to continuing Bucknell's tradition of athletics and academic excellence. Programs run through the athletic department include 27 varsity sports, 20 men's and women's club sports, and over 40 intramural sports for men, women and co-recreational leagues. Support functions include game operations, alumni fundraising, compliance, and team-building events. Working with the University's alumni fundraising body for athletics, the Bison Club, the intern helps ensure the University's position among peer institutions as an active leader in athletics fundraising. Working closely with coaches, athletes, outside sponsors, event organizers, and the student body, the Athletic Department brings all hands on deck to ensure the fluid passage of all sporting events, while equally supporting all athletes in the classroom. Bucknell stands at the pinnacle of student-athlete achievement; it is the responsibility of the intern in the department of athletics to contribute and be sure this academic reputation carries on. The Executive Intern is also privileged to helping at special events such as Homecoming, basketball games, and select senior nights.