Office of the President

The intern positioned in the President's Office is charged with overseeing the program at large. This intern creates new and unique ways to utilize the program to cater to developing programs and initiatives on campus, including Campus Climate, Communications initiatives, and Bucknell's Strategic Plan. This intern strives to highlight the strengths of each intern, such that they can be exceptionally effective in their offices based on their individual skills and abilities. The intern positioned in the President's Office is given the unique opportunity to work side by side with the University President and Senior Staff and proudly represents the Bucknell student body at a variety of functions. The intern is required to work on projects and produce deliverables for the University, which in the past have included research and reports on student demographics, the Board of Trustees, Bucknell’s tailgating policy, academic departments, and more.

Division of Communications

The interns positioned in the Division of Communications assist with a variety of both creative and administrative tasks within the division. The interns help produce event stories and student profiles for the University website, as well as assist with video shoots and the management of Bucknell’s various social media platforms. The interns interface with local media and news outlets to spread awareness of on-campus happenings and compile monthly media tip sheets. Interns also proof and edit official University documents, providing input on how the University should present itself to both external stakeholders and prospective students.

Office of the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

The intern positioned in the College of Arts & Sciences is tasked with supporting a variety of projects within the Dean’s Office. One of these initiatives is the Academic Peer Mentor program, which connects students with student mentors to help shape their academic trajectory at Bucknell. The intern helps to hire new mentors, train new hirees, prepare program materials, and oversee the program. This intern also leads the Dean’s Students Advisory Committee and facilitates conversations between DSAC and the Dean’s Office. These topics include student feedback on students’ advising experiences, strategic planning feedback, and support for the Academic Peer Mentor program.

Office of the Vice President of Library & Information Technology

The intern positioned in Library and Information Technology acts as a liaison between the students and the administration of the library in order to identify how to best optimize library resources to ensure success across the student body. This intern works on a variety of L&IT initiatives, including a project intended to spread awareness of digital scholarship and research to prospective high school students. The intern also encourages more digital scholarship on campus with collaboration between faculty and students across disciplines.

Investment Office

The intern positioned in the Investment Office assists in managing the University’s endowment while getting a behind-the-scenes view of the University’s investments and financial position. This intern analyzes the performance, exposure, and risk factors of various investment funds, and evaluates how factors like asset allocation, volatility, and spending impact returns. This intern attends portfolio meetings with fund managers and strategic investment advisors and completes ad-hoc projects, such as data analysis, manager oversight, etc.

Human Resources

The intern positioned in Human Resources assists with office initiatives to support the growth and development of a diverse campus community. The intern is exposed to all aspects of the employment life cycle from hiring, benefits, programming, and departure, and learns how to effectively maintain Bucknell’s brand image. Current projects include constructing a database for the Vice President that measures the success of the various programs that Bucknell offers to its employees, as well as the research of marketing tactics to enhance effective recruitment for Bucknell faculty and staff.

Office of Sponsored Projects

The intern positioned in the Office of Sponsored Projects assists in helping members of the Bucknell community seek external support for various forms of research, scholarship, and programs. This intern works with the OSP staff to identify potential grant opportunities for faculty and staff members across campus, in addition to assisting in the proposal process. Other initiatives include relaunching a monthly newsletter disseminated to faculty researchers and staff grantseekers to encourage external funding applications and grant submissions, as well as developing a survey to identify opportunities for new initiatives.

Office of the Dean of the College of Engineering

The intern positioned in the College of Engineering acts as a liaison between engineering students and office administration. The intern works closely with the Dean to aid in the completion of projects that benefit the College in its entirety, and such projects vary from year to year. Current initiatives include community youth outreach and the orchestration of College-specific events, such as the 125th Anniversary. Past initiatives include leading the design of the new Dana Hall lobby. Each year, the Dean identifies projects that both compliment the intern’s interests and advance the College of Engineering’s overall mission.

Office of Alumni Relations

The intern positioned in the Office of Alumni Relations assists in strengthening and supporting Bucknell’s alumni community. The intern plays a key role in Bucknell’s Reunion Weekend, conducting data analyses of past Reunion Weekend questionnaires and implementing response feedback into the strategic planning of the upcoming Reunion Weekend. The intern also works closely with supervisors to conduct alumni focus groups and collect input on potential changes that the office can implement for future alumni events.

Office of the Dean of Students

The intern positioned in the Division of Student Affairs works closely with the Dean of Students to assist with initiatives related to student life and experience. The intern conducts research on Bucknell’s orientation program, unique first-year programs, and Greek system, and compares these findings with the programming at other institutions. Other initiatives include to creation of an alumni system for all past Orientation Leaders and Coordinators, and the planning of a student-centered health and wellness event. The intern also conducts research in the Bucknell archives on past organizations, health, and safety on campus in order to create an accurate timeline of student life at Bucknell.

Office of University Advancement

The intern positioned in the Office of University Advancement plays a key role in elevating an esteemed liberal arts institution to even greater prominence. The intern assists with various initiatives within the office, including those that aim to increase and streamline Bucknell alumni engagement and communications. The intern also works closely with staff members within the Annual Fund and collaborate on some projects with the office of Alumni Relations in order to better understand alumni giving patterns and their relationship with the university.

Division of Athletics

The intern positioned in the Department of Athletics contributes to both the on-the-field and off-the-field success of the Bison by helping out all areas of athletics administration. This intern markets varsity sporting events, assists with athletic and recreation event planning, and collaborates with various student organizations to generate enthusiasm for student activities. Other initiatives include managing the Bucknell University Student Football Tailgates and the Bison Nation student fan section at athletic events. This intern also collaborates with other student organizations and executive interns to coordinate various athletic initiatives across campus.

Office of the Provost

The intern positioned in the Office of the Provost helps bridge the gap between academics and extracurricular activities. The intern works directly with the Provost, Associate Provosts & Office of Institutional Research and Planning. Other initiatives include conducting comparative research on academic programming and overall student experience at peer institutions. This intern aids in helping the Office of the Provost achieve their main goal: to transform students through rigorous and sustained academic study supported and enriched by co-curricular and residential experiences.

Office of the Dean of the Freeman College of Management

The intern positioned in the College of Management is tasked with supporting a variety of projects within the Dean’s Office. This intern works directly with the Office of Experiential Programs to work on student experiences in the College of Management. The intern frequently participates in meetings with senior staff and long-term projects. The intern must be a student in the Freeman College of Management.