1. To provide talented, leadership-oriented students a learning opportunity within major administrative operations of the University through direct professional experience and close contact with the Operations & Management Group and Deans (OMG).
  2. To create opportunities of mentorship and guidance of senior administrators by getting to know students both professionally and personally, heightening the leadership potential and administrative understanding of such students.
  3. To commit to 2-4 annual programs through the internship experience to meet with members of the OMG and the Deans individually or in small groups to discuss and learn about specific areas of interest, such as University fundraising, public speaking, dealing with difficult decisions, and more.
  4. To create a self-sustaining program led by the initiative of the involved students and offices, giving the students a larger role in crafting the internship experience with direct consultation with a member of OMG.

Interns maintain a commitment to academics, and the time they devote to the program is spent in an office working on projects or research. There are also opportunities to shadow the Senior Staff at meetings and participate in major events.

Interns in the program do not fit a specific mold. They are dynamic and motivated individuals who are eager to push themselves academically and in extracurricular activities. They are leaders in the classroom and on campus, and they strive to continue to better themselves and Bucknell University.