Dear Faculty and Staff,

I write to provide a summary of the most recent meeting of the Board of Trustees, which occurred on campus April 28-30. At this meeting, the board discussed the specific business items as summarized below. Most of the board's time, however, was dedicated to examining strategic issues affecting the composition and structure of the board, the importance of the campaign, challenges in admissions, and our campus climate. After experiencing one academic year and one full set of board meetings, I was pleased to be able to discuss these matters candidly with the board.

The board agreed to initiate a re-structuring of its committees for a more focused organization that will allow the board to meet more often as a committee of the whole so that all trustees can be engaged together in the major issues facing Bucknell. The board also agreed to meet three times per year rather than four. The board reaffirmed its commitment to achieving our campaign goals, and took another major step toward the completion of Academic West by formally recognizing two gifts totaling more than $10 million for its construction (we are now about 60% to the building's goal). Lastly, the board committed itself to an aggressive recruitment program to bring in a range of new trustees and expand the expertise and giving capacity of the board, which are both essential to Bucknell's future.

It was, in essence, a meeting at which the board demonstrated its commitment to the goals of the University and its own critical role in achieving them. I believe that in years to come these steps will prove to have been pivotal in the life of Bucknell.

Please click here to view a detailed summary of these and other items of business covered during this board meeting.

Wendy joins me in wishing you the best for the conclusion of the semester. I know all of us look forward to congratulating our seniors and master's degree recipients at Commencement on May 22 when they receive their Bucknell degrees.