Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

I write to share with you the summary of the business meeting of the University Board of Trustees, which was held November 11-13 on campus. First, though, let me extend my thanks on behalf of my family and myself to everyone who was involved in the inauguration activities of last week. From the snap talks through the arts events and poster session to the ceremony and reception on Sunday, it was a great experience to see the talents of our students, faculty and staff so clearly on display. We deeply appreciate all the effort so many gave to these activities, especially since they coincided with the demands that the Board of Trustees business meeting creates on campus.

In November, as in April, Board committees meet, as does the full Board. At this Board meeting, the administration was joined by Faculty Chair Tony Massoud, Faculty Secretary Tom Cassidy, and faculty representatives to Board committees. In addition, at the full Board meeting on Saturday, we were joined by student leaders, and welcomed presentations by Erika Stanat '90, president of the Alumni Board of Directors, and Michael Pepe P'10, P'12, president of the Parents Board. My thanks to Erika and Michael for their presentations, which represented a great deal of work by our alumni and parents boards, and to these faculty and students for participating in these meetings.

Please click here to view the summary.

Wendy and I wish you the best for the conclusion of the semester.


John C. Bravman