Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

I write to share with you the issues discussed by the University Board of Trustees at its most recent meeting, which was September 23-25 on campus. The Board meets in September and January for retreats, at which individual committees meet if necessary and otherwise at which all business is conducted with the full Board; and in November and April for business meetings at which all committees meet in addition to the full Board meeting.

At this Board meeting, the administration was joined by Chair of the Faculty Tony Massoud and Faculty Secretary Tom Cassidy. Faculty members Beth Capaldi Evans, Lynn Hoffman, Paul McGuire and Mitch Chernin joined the Board for the discussions of the Special Committee on Recreation and Athletics. Faculty members Jim Baish, Kelly Knox, Amy McCready, Mark Spiro and Hilbourne Watson, who are members of the faculty's Honorary Degree Committee, and students Matt Hotard '11 and Sonali Basak '12 joined the Board's Honorary Degree Committee for its discussions of nominees. My thanks to these faculty and students for participating in these meetings.

At this meeting, there were four major items of business, including a major decision about a new academic building. Those items are summarized here.

Wendy and I hope your semester has begun well.


John C. Bravman