Dear Students, Staff and Faculty:

Like many of you, I sat in the Quad last night transfixed by the honesty, integrity, and courage of our students. I am so grateful for the speakers, for BSG’s leadership in organizing the event, and for the 2,000-plus members of our community who came together in solidarity against discrimination in all of its forms. As I told one of the students who spoke specifically to racism, “… your remarks were, quite honestly, brilliant, in all senses of the word. I say brilliant because your words illuminated with … penetrating intensity the challenges of racism right here and now, as something you and many others confront every day — and not as some abstract construct.”

For those who could not be there, please understand what a pivotal moment in our history this must be. As I indicated in my April 12 note to campus, the work that’s been done and the new commitments we’ve made are still just a beginning.  As we continue to listen to one another, and transform those conversations into new and specific actions, we cannot afford to squander this momentum toward meaningful change. Let’s take what we’ve heard, take what we’ve learned and, in the words of one student speaker at last night’s event, “Let’s run with it.” 

My best,



As previously announced, on Wednesday, April 22, the President’s Diversity Council will hold a listening session to enable students, faculty and staff to talk openly about these very important issues. It will take place in Walls Lounge from 1:30 - 4 p.m.