Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

I have, for many months, been disgusted and angered by the vile and hurtful content often found on the anonymous social media application Yik Yak. The cowards who author this content hide behind the anonymity offered by the site to post messages constituting racism, sexual harassment, homophobia and, today, hate speech tied to threats of violence. We must confront this unconscionable behavior.

The University is doing all that it can to identify those who are responsible for these latest posts, including working with Yik Yak. If we are able to positively identify the individual(s) responsible, they will be subject to the most serious sanctions available to us, including expulsion.

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values of our community. We must not let this small number of despicable individuals derail our progress to a more welcoming, inclusive Bucknell.

John Bravman
President, Bucknell University