Dear Bucknellians,

Over the ​past ​few weeks we have all become aware of different forms of activism taking place on college campuses across the nation. These efforts are aimed at creating more inclusive campus communities and addressing issues of discrimination, intolerance and hate. 

Here at Bucknell, it is critical that we too remain focused on these issues and maintain our efforts toward genuine and sustained progress. The forces of discrimination impact members of our campus community every day. We must do what we can to continue to build a Bucknell that rests upon a stronger foundation of insight, mutual respect, and genuine community. 

I have previously shared tangible examples of the ways in which the University community is working to bring about the change Bucknell needs. We still have much to do, and it falls on all of us to be active participants in that evolution. Throughout the year, campus events offer opportunities to discuss, learn about and engage directly with issues of inclusion and discrimination. Some of those events include this fall's Solidarity March, next semester's Martin Luther King, Jr. Week (Jan. 18-22, 2016) and the Bucknell Diversity Summit (March 29-30, 2016), and a series of Community Dinner discussions offered across both semesters, among others. I urge all of us to seek out and actively engage in these and other such opportunities.

As life at Bucknell pauses for the Thanksgiving holiday break, I hope we all take time to reflect on the experiences of our friends, colleagues, and peers who are too often subjected to intolerance and discrimination, and to recommit to action that fosters an environment that reduces such behavior and builds a community in which all are valued and respected.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break. If your plans involve time away from campus, please travel safely.

My best,