For the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching:

Coralynn Davis

Coralynn V. Davis, Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Anthropology

The University honors Professor Davis for her creation of courses that are based on the principles of social justice, and for teaching students the connections between theoretical principles and real-life practices and experiences. For example, her course "Women and the Penal System" brings together Bucknell students with incarcerated women to study issues of gender, race and class, and the intersection of these topics with the criminal justice system. The students taking the course -Bucknellians and prisoners alike - have described it as "life changing."

For her innovative and socially aware teaching, and for her commitment to fostering meaningful and respectful dialogue among people from many backgrounds and cultures, Bucknell University is pleased to present Professor Coralynn Davis with the 2011 Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching.

For the Class of 1956 Lectureship for Inspirational Teaching:

Howard Smith, Professor of Mathematics

Professor Smith has been praised by his colleagues as a successful teacher who inspires enthusiastic, deep and meaningful engagement among his students.

From his "Mathematics from a Humanist Perspective " course, to upper-level algebra and calculus courses, Professor Smith is a practitioner of the liberal arts, incorporating ideas from poetry, theatre, philosophy and music into the teaching of mathematics. Professor Smith's commitment to the liberal arts tradition extends well beyond the mathematics classroom to English and theatre, where he encourages students to participate in the life of the arts and humanities.

For his inspirational teaching, his commitment to the liberal arts and his enrichment of the intellectual lives of our students, Bucknell University is pleased to present the Class of 1956 Lectureship Award to Howard Smith.

For the Presidential Awards for Teaching Excellence:

John Enyeart

John P. Enyeart, Associate Professor of History

Colleagues across the University have commended Professor Enyeart for his rigorous teaching. They say he expects much of his students and provides them with intellectual skills by pushing them to ask difficult questions and requiring them to use good evidence to support their positions.

Though he is demanding, Professor Enyeart is described by students as a relaxed and engaging instructor who values them as individuals and cultivates their personal and professional growth inside of class and out.

For his excellence as a teacher-scholar, for his rigor, and for his support of students' intellectual and personal success, Bucknell University is pleased to present Professor John Enyeart with the Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence. 

For the Presidential Awards for Teaching Excellence:

James Maneval

James E. Maneval, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

Nominated by several colleagues, Professor Maneval has been described as a model of quiet excellence. Students value him for his ability to explain highly technical and difficult material in accessible, meaningful ways. He is patient and always ready to provide guidance to students at all levels of instruction.

Professor Maneval is a leader in transforming the chemical engineering curriculum and continually works to improve his teaching methods. Many students have commented that his impact has been extensive, and they write glowingly of his generosity of time and energy.

For his efforts to provide the best possible learning experiences for his students and to prepare them for success beyond Bucknell, the University is pleased to present to Professor James Maneval with the Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence. 

For the William Pierce Boger, Jr., M.D. Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Natural Sciences:

Karen Castle

Karen J. Castle, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Professor Castle's courses are conceptually and mathematically demanding, and her students describe her teaching as interesting, clear and rigorous whether the material is general or advanced. In asking her students to think independently and creatively, Professor Castle helps them embrace a sense of responsibility for their own learning. She has mentored numerous undergraduate researchers who have gone on to careers in chemistry.

For her ability to connect with her students while setting high standards for them and inspiring them to learn for a lifetime, Bucknell University is pleased to present Professor Karen Castle with the William Pierce Boger Jr., M.D. Award for Teaching in the Natural Sciences.