The David Burpee Chair in Plant Genetics
Professor Christopher Martine, Department of Biology

The Claire W. Carlson Chair in Environmental Engineering
Professor Matthew Higgins, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

The John P. Crozer Chair of English Literature
Professor Anthony Stewart, Department of English

The William H. Dunkak Chair in Finance in the Department of Business Management
Professor Elton McGoun, College of Management

The David and Patricia Ekedahl Professorship in Environmental Studies
Associate Professor Amanda Wooden, Environmental Studies Program

The William C. and Gertrude B. Emmitt Memorial Chair in Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor Donna Ebenstein, Department of Biomedical Engineering

The Jane W. Griffith Faculty Fellowship
Assistant Professor Regina Gazes, Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor Darakhshan Mir, Department of Computer Science
Assistant Professor Anna Baker, Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor Esra Kose, Department of Economics

The John Howard Harris Chair in Philosophy
Associate Professor Sheila Lintott, Department of Philosophy

The Heinemann Family Professorship in Engineering
Professor Wendelin Wright, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering

The Samuel H. Kress Professorship of Art History
Professor Roger Rothman, Department of Art & Art History

The Margaret Hollinshead Ley Professorship in Poetry and Creative Writing
Professor Shara McCallum, Department of English

The Christian R. Lindback Chair in Business Administration
Professor Mark Bettner, College of Management

The John D. MacArthur Chair
Associate Professor Cymone Fourshey, Department of History, Department of International Relations

The T. Jefferson Miers Chair in Electrical Engineering
Professor R. Alan Cheville, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

The National Endowment for the Humanities Chair in the Humanities
Associate Professor Kristine Trego, Department of Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Associate Professor Jason Leddington, Department of Philosophy

The C. Graydon and Mary E. Rogers Faculty Fellowship
Assistant Professor Amal Kabalan, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor David Rojas, Latin American Studies Program
Assistant Professor Chinelo Okparanta, Department of English
Assistant Professor Khalil Saucier, Africana Studies Program
Assistant Professor Jasmine Mena, Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor Jaye Austin Williams, Africana Studies Program
Assistant Professor Paul Barba, Department of History
Assistant Professor Obed Omar Lira, Department of Spanish
Assistant Professor Kenneth Mineart, Department of Chemical Engineering

The Robert L. Rooke Chair in the Historical and Social Context of Engineering
Professor L. Felipe Perrone, Department of Computer Science

The Robert L. Rooke Professorship in Engineering
Professor Margot Vigeant, Department of Chemical Engineering

The Russell-Childers Professorship in the Laboratory Sciences
Professor Karen Castle, Department of Chemistry

The Howard I. Scott Endowment

  • Howard I. Scott Professor of Management
    Associate Professor Janice Traflet, College of Management
  • Howard I. Scott Chair in Global Commerce, Strategy and Leadership
    Professor William Gruver, College of Management

The Ruth Everett Sierzega Chair in Linguistics
Assistant Professor Heidi Lorimor, Department of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics

The Silbermann Family Professorship in Modern Hebrew Language and Literature
Assistant Professor Or Rogovin, Department of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics

The Herbert L. Spencer Professorship in Biology
Professor Mark Haussmann, Department of Biology

The Swanson Fellowships in the Sciences and Engineering
Assistant Professor Philip Asare, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor Dabrina Dutcher, Department of Chemistry and Department of Chemical Engineering
Assistant Professor Gregory Pask, Department of Biology

The John P. and Mary Jane Swanson Professorship in Engineering and the Sciences
Assistant Professor Benjamin Wheatley, Dept of Mechanical Engineering 

The David Morton and Leanne Freas Trout Professorship of French and Francophone
Professor Philippe Dubois, Department of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics

The Charles P. Vaughan Chair in Economics
Associate Professor Gregory Krohn, Department of Economics

The David J. '85 and Deborah West Professorship in Management 
Professor Doug Allen

The Ellen P. and Samuel L. Williams Endowed Music Professorship Fund

  • Samuel L. Williams Professor in Music
    Assistant Professor Ryan Malone, Department of Music
  • Ellen P. Williams Professor in Music
    Associate Professor Bethany Collier, Department of Music