Diplomas are ordered three times each year: in February for Spring semester graduates, in August for Summer school graduates, and in January for Fall semester graduates. The name that appears on the diploma is taken from the Applications to Graduate for both graduate and undergraduate students. Once the diplomas are received from the vender they are carefully inspected. If, however, after receiving your diploma you find an error simply notify our office and a replacement will be ordered at no charge.

Diplomas are mailed to graduates who do not attend the Commencement ceremony in May, students who graduate during the summer or following the fall semester. Students may also pick up their diploma in person at the Registrar's Office, 102 Marts Hall. Students must meet all financial obligations before their diploma can be released.

Diploma Preferred Name

The University recognizes that many members of the Bucknell community use names other than their legal names to identify themselves. Generally, the preferred name may be used except where the legal name is required, such as payroll records and student transcripts.

Bucknell offers the opportunity to use a preferred first and/or middle name out of respect for the identity of our students. Preferred names deemed inconsistent with that goal, including when used to avoid a legal obligation, may be refused or removed.

Students have the opportunity to display a legal name or a preferred name on their diploma. Bucknell considers the diploma to be a ceremonial document, and thus will allow a preferred name to be used in lieu of the legal name of record. However, be advised that in some situations the diploma may need to be used as a legal document, requiring that the name on the diploma match other legal documents. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for further information. Students who have changed their legal name may note that change on University records by presenting appropriate documentation to the Office of the Registrar (e.g., a court order or Social Security card).

*Please note that a fee may be charged where a name change requires a diploma re-order.

Replacement Diplomas 

Graduates of Bucknell may order a diploma to replace their original one. The diplomas are sent out from our third-party vender Paradigm. Payment must accompany your request. Make checks or money orders payable to Bucknell University. We cannot accept credit or debit cards at this time.

Requests for replacement diplomas should be directed to the Registrar's Office. Be sure that your request contains your signature. Requests CANNOT be processed without a signature; therefore telephone requests cannot be honored.

Shipping within the continental U.S. is as follows:

  • Silver standard is the base fee for a replacement diploma and is $35.00, which includes shipping cost for USPS mail and can take up to two weeks to process and ship from our vendor.  
  • Gold Rush is an additional $22.00 plus the base $35.00 fee and will be processed within five business days.  Once processed, it will ship from Paradigm via UPS Ground.
  • Platinum Emergency is an additional $40.00 plus the base $35.00 fee and will be processed overnight.  Once processed, it will ship from Paradigm via Next Day Air.

Please indicate on the form which of the above methods (Silver Standard, Gold Rush, or Platinum Emergency) you would prefer and submit payment with the form.

Shipping International, Hawaii, or Alaska is as follows:

  • Shipping charges may vary depending on the destination. 
  • Please call the Office of the Registrar at 570.577.1201 before submitting the form to determine the extra charges for shipping.

Download the Replacement Diploma Order Form (pdf)

Send completed form to: 

Office of the Registrar
1 Dent Drive
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Upon receipt of this information and confirmation of degree earned, a replacement diploma will be ordered. You can expect to receive your diploma within three weeks of the date that the request is received.