Additional information on Undergraduate degree requirements can be obtained by contacting specific departments or by contacting the Dean of the appropriate college — Arts & Sciences, Engineering or Management.

 Arts & Sciences
Engineering5 Year Engineering
Minimum # of Course Credits 32.0 34.0 42.0
Minimum Cumulative GPA 2.00 2.00 2.00
Minimum Cumulative GPA in Major N/A 2.00 2.00
major only)

Academic Progress Reports

Undergraduate students can check their degree progress online using their Academic Progress Report which is also available via the BANNER Web area in myBucknell.

The progress report includes:

Degree Audit Summary
This is a break out of the credits earned by the student. The "Total credits applied to degree" line provides the total credits applied to the degree requirements. Minimum and Current GPA information is also provided. Current GPA is the cumulative GPA for the student. Engineering students will also have Engineering GPA information.

Area Requirement Summary
This area provides a "quick look" opportunity regarding areas which the student has not yet satisfied.

Area Requirement Details
Detailed degree requirements are found within this section. Please note the legend information at the end of the report. It provides an explanation regarding the abbreviations used. Note that an asterisk "*" is used to denote requirements that have not yet been satisfied.

If you have questions regarding undergraduate degree requirements you should contact your academic adviser.

Applying to Graduate

You many now apply to graduate using the Banner Student Self Service Graduation Application. Get instructions for how to Apply to Graduate in BANNER Web.