After graduating from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and working for over ten years for several large pharmacies, Kathy Grandizio longed
to be back in her hometown of Danville; and to open her own business. Her dream was to fill prescriptions with a personal touch behind her own
independent pharmacy counter.

In 2009, armed with the needed skills, and having a hand-picked team in mind, she approached the Bucknell SBDC seeking assistance with developing a business plan and financial projections in order to obtain startup funding. After weeks of hard work doing research, crunching numbers, and writing out plan details, her lender commented that Kathy had presented "the best business plan ever" and her loan was quickly approved!

Since Danville Pharmacy opened in 2010, Kathy and her staff have provided exceptional service to their community. Her team of four includes
two pharmacy technicians, one certified pharmacy technician and herself. Customer testimonials include "The professionalism of everyone on the
staff is exemplary" and "Kathy and her staff know your name and make you feel comfortable."