In the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, archaeologists discovered what is believed to be the world's earliest soap shop. When opening her own business, Jessica Grill chose the name Pompeii Street Soap Company to reflect her goal of producing all-natural soaps in an old-fashioned way.

Jessica originally came to the Bucknell SBDC in 2007 seeking help in resurrecting an earlier version of the business that had been temporarily laid to rest. She sought assistance creating a plan to reorganize the business and develop financial projections. With knowledge gained from seminars and guidance from SBDC consultants, Jessica was able to lift Pompeii Street Soap Company "out of the ashes" in 2008 in time for a very profitable Valentine's Day!

In 2010, when planning to grow her business, Jessica sought help from the SBDC's Engineering Development Services in expanding her product line. A team of engineering students helped her develop a new, all-natural liquid soap, and SBDC staff and student engineers helped design an improved production method for her bar soap. Jessica continues to reach out to the SBDC for advice on her plans for marketing and growth, and in 2011 she successfully opened a new, larger store.