It is not uncommon for faculty, staff, other researchers and even students to travel to foreign countries under the auspices of Bucknell or to ship items to foreign countries, regardless of whether the individual is actually traveling.  While both situations are often without issue, it is important to consider whether they raise export control compliance obligations.

Please seek guidance in advance if you will be:

  1. Traveling to a Sanctioned Country or Region (i.e., Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan or the geographic region of Crimea).
  2. Traveling internationally with Controlled Technology or Data.
  3. Traveling internationally with controlled lab equipment.
  4. Shipping any hardware, equipment or other tangible items to a foreign country.

Travel to a Sanctioned Country or Region—currently Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, and the geographic region of Crimea—with any University resource is prohibited. University resources include, but are not limited to, University laptops, phones or lab equipment.

Accessing University platforms or networks, including, but not limited to, Bucknell email and myBucknell, in a sanctioned country or region is also prohibited.

Under limited circumstances, the University may consider making an exception to these rules (for example, by seeking an export license from the federal government). It is important to understand, however, that the licensing process can take considerable time and there is no guarantee that, in the end, a license will be issued.

Contact Information

Questions regarding export control requirements, including those concerning a potential violation, should be referred to:

J. Robert Gutierrez, Executive Director, Office of Sponsored Projects:
205 Lowry House


Amy C. Foerster, General Counsel:
Lynda Meinke, Assistant Counsel:
217 Marts Hall