Bucknell University expects the student members of its community to uphold certain standards of community conduct. When the action of a student or student organization violates Bucknell's expectations of community conduct, those actions are subject to a process of review and resolution.

The decision as to whether charges are to be pursued under the student conduct system or another system rests with the Dean of Students Office. Reports of conduct violating Bucknell's Community Conduct standards are filed with or forwarded to the Student Conduct Administrator (SCA) who decides on behalf of the University how to move forward. Moving forward could result in a community standards meeting with a University administrator, an administrative hearing with an University administrator or Community Conduct Board (CCB) hearing.

Alleged violations involving drugs or alcohol that do not meet the criteria for a community standards meeting normally will be heard by an Administrative Hearing Officer assigned by the Dean of Students. All other alleged violations normally will be resolved through a Community Conduct Board (CCB)  hearing. Where there are alleged violations in addition to drug or alcohol violations related to a single incident, all violations normally will be resolved through a CCB hearing.

Community Standards Meeting

This occurs when the student or student organization takes responsibility for the alleged violations and its outcome cannot be appealed. These meetings are conducted with a University administrator.

Administrative Hearings

An administrative hearing occurs when the student or student organization does not accept responsibility for the alleged charges and wants to have the outcome decided through an extended conversation with an administrator. These are typically reserved for more serious incidents as well as students who are repeat violators and/or sanctions for these could result in suspension or expulsion. For these hearings, an Administrative Hearing Officer is assigned by the Dean of Students.

Community Conduct Board Hearings

The CCB is comprised of approximately 15 students, 15 faculty members, and 15 staff members. From the CCB membership, the Student Conduct Administrator constitutes a CCB hearing panel to hear cases, and a CCB appeal panel to hear appeals. Each hearing and appeal panel is normally comprised of three people, including one student and two University employees. The Student Conduct Administrator may reconstitute the makeup of a hearing panel as deemed necessary.

Preparing for Your Hearing