The Division of Student Affairs at Bucknell University aspires to be a leader in student-centered education, fostering dynamic and innovative communities that support transformative development, challenging students to fulfill their individual potential and positively affect an ever-changing world.


Through work by the individuals and departments within Student Affairs, the division prepares Bucknellians for meaningful engagement in their campus community and in the globalized world. The educational programs, activities, services and individual mentoring opportunities sponsored by the Division intentionally challenge and support students' development across competencies highlighted in Bucknell University's Educational Goals for students: application of knowledge, intellectual development, global & cultural awareness, civic engagement & service, identity development, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, technological knowledge, and lifelong learning.

Student Affairs professionals partner with students, faculty and others to create a vibrant residential learning community that promotes academic excellence and personal well-being consistent with the strategic purposes outlined in the Plan for Bucknell: strengthen the academic core, deepen the residential learning experience, enhance diversity, build bridges, and secure our financial future.


The director of each department within the Division of Student Affairs annually creates program outcomes and learning outcomes strategically connected to the developmental competencies of Bucknell's Educational Goals and the strategic purposes in the Plan for Bucknell.


The departments annually assess program outcomes and learning outcomes using best practice in assessment. Results of these assessment projects are used to create an annual report at the conclusion of each academic year.

Student Affairs Educational Goals: The division of student affairs has adopted the university's educational goals as the division's educations goals as well.

The Plan for Bucknell