• If a student is too sick to go to class, s/he is responsible for notifying the instructor.
  • If a student is seen in Bucknell Student Health and the doctor determines that s/he needs to be out of class for three days or more, the doctor will call the appropriate Dean's Office so they can notify the student's instructors that s/he will be out.
  • Doctors will not provide excuses for routine illnesses that don't require a student to miss class.
  • If a student misses an exam for health reasons, s/he should notify the professor that s/he is ill and go to Bucknell Student Health for evaluation, if needed. If the doctor agrees the student is too sick to take the exam, the doctor will call the academic dean's office and they will send a memo to the student's instructors.
  • Presenting to Bucknell Student Health alone does not guarantee an excuse from class or from an exam. One must meet significant clinical criteria as judged by a medical professional to warrant missing exams or classes.

Last revised: January 2014