Medical Record Form

All incoming students are required to submit a medical record to Bucknell Student Health prior to arrival on campus. See a list of required forms in the the boxes below.

Release of Medical Records

Bucknell Student Health is required by government regulations to receive written permission from a student before sharing any medical information with other health providers (for reasons other than continuation of care). This written permission is also needed for any disclosure of information to a student's parent/guardian. Find out how your student can authorize release of medical records.

Student Health Insurance

All full-time undergraduate students (taking 3 or more classes) AND all full-time graduate students (those in a degree-seeking program and taking 2 or more courses per semester) are required to have medical insurance. Bucknell also makes available Student Health Insurance for those not currently under a health insurance plan.

Students must enroll in or waive out of the health insurance coverage offered through the University.