Reading Strategies

Adult Learners with Dyslexia (pdf)
If you have dyslexia, use these tips to improve reading comprehension and study habits

Annotation — How and Why (pdf)
Annotation abbreviations and tips on how to improve reading comprehension

Guided Reading (pdf)
Questions to guide you through a reading assignment and facilitate note taking

Learning from Texts (pdf)
Tips on how to actively read, improve speed & comprehension, and dealing with difficult texts.

Pre-Reading Strategies/Managing Reading Time (pdf)

SQ3R (pdf)
Reading and study skill system in order to improve memory retention of the information

Studying & Learning Strategies

Academic Skills Inventory & Reflection (pdf)
Use this questionnaire to reflect on how you have been studying in order to improve given the study techniques

Best Practices Learning (pdf)
A synopsis of effective learning approaches and study strategies for reading, note-taking, doing homework, and test prep.

Care Package for Learning (pdf)
A self-reflective check-in to guide your learning process, as well as practical suggestions for deep processing and active study

The Four Types of Productivity Styles (link)

Effective Learning Approaches (pdf)
Explains what it means to study at a deep level that goes beyond simple recall to mastery.

Homework and Getting Strategic Help (pdf)
A step-by-step process for addressing difficult daily assignments.


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