The mentoring program is primarily designed to help new faculty members adjust to their environment. Whether it is academe itself that is new, or just Bucknell, or Lewisburg, assistance from a mentor can provide invaluable guidance and assistance during the early years at a new university. Each year, the director of the Center matches each new faculty member who requests a mentor with an experienced faculty member.  This is in addition to any mentors assigned by departments.  Mentoring can focus on any aspect of professional activity, including classroom teaching, developing a program of scholarship, seeking external funding, time management, and assimilating into the local community.  The mentoring program seeks to identify the particular needs of the faculty member and to meet those needs in the best possible fashion. 

The Center is also able to arrange for some mentoring for faculty at more advanced levels, such as senior faculty who want to reinvigorate their teaching or scholarship, or associate professors working to get ready for promotion. Contact the director of the Center if you are interested in being assigned a mentor.

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