How do I know when the expenses processed in Concur will be posted to budgets (Funds/Orgns) in Banner Finance?

Expenses are posted in an automated process for Concur reports that have been through the final approval process in Accounts Payable.  It is important to remember that Concur expense reports that are submitted but not approved by your Approver will be returned to the traveler (submitter) after 15 days.  No expenses will be posted to Banner Finance until all necessary approvals take place.

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How do I know the budget (Fund/Orgn) where expenses processed through Concur will be posted to in Banner Finance?

The default budget (Fund/Orgn) is the Index Code in the header of the Concur report. The Index is defaulted from your Department's Home Orgn in Banner.  This can be changed at either the header level for the entire report or the expense level for individual expenses where the budget to be charged may be different.

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How do I know the account code where Concur expenses will be posted in Banner Finance?

(The codes noted below are not used in Athletics, questions for Athletic account codes should be directed to Lori Wilson.)

Most expenses are tied to Account Code 7601, B-travel Expenditures.  Exceptions are as follows:

Gas Purchased for University Vehicle 7513
Event Expenses 7632
General Supplies 7111

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Other Non-Travel

When choosing this expense type, type a "7" in the account code field and a drop-down choice of other account codes will appear for your use. 

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