The profile set-up is the first step in using the Concur system. Some of the information is defaulted from employee records in the Banner system; however, there is pertinent information that will need to be updated by the user to ensure the system has the most updated information for travel bookings and expense reimbursements.


Setting Up Your Concur Profile

It is essential to finish configuring your profile within the system. Please note that Concur can only be used for business travel, no personal travel. To finalize your Concur Profile, click on the Profile link at the top right and then select Profile Settings

Profile Set Up Step 1



Your Personal Information

Your profile contains information from our HR system, but you will need to augment this information. Once you are on the Profile tab, you will see a left navigation panel. Under My Profile, click Personal Information. At the top of the screen you will see the information in yellow. It is extremely important that you verify the name statement in your profile.  It defines the name issued on tickets fulfilled by Concur and/or Anthony Travel.

Profile Set Up Step 2

Profile Set Up Step 3  

If the name shown matches the documentation (Photo ID or Passport) you use to travel, you do not need to do anything. If it does not, you cannot change it in the system, please contact Procurement Services at 570-577-1242.



Travel Preferences

The next setting to configure in your profile are travel preferences. From the left panel, click Frequent – Traveler Programs.

Profile Set Up Step 4

This area will allow you to enter frequent traveler programs using the Add Program link on the right side of the screen and then entering the appropriate details. You can add multiple travel programs. When entering frequent traveler programs, avoid using symbols or spaces.  It is to your advantage to assure that all your frequent traveler programs match your name information on your ticket exactly as it appears above.  Failure to update your membership accounts may result in errors during the booking process and/or non-credit of your Frequent-Flyer account.



TSA Secure Flight Information

Immediately below Travel Programs is the TSA Secure Flight information, this is required information for you to enter.

Profile Set Up Step 5

Click Save. When the screen refreshes, you will jump back to the top of the screen and you will see a green Profile Saved box at the top right.


Other Profile Settings

On the left panel, under Other Settings, click E-Receipt Activation.

Profile Set Up Step 6

 Click the link for E-Receipt Activation, and click "I Accept".

Profile Set Up Step 7


Profile Set Up Step 8



Email Addresses

This will allow you to verify your email address and then forward any emailed receipts you receive to  With your validated email address, the attached receipts will be assigned to your profile and accessible in your receipt store (cloud storage).

  1. From the profile settings page, click Email Addresses.
    Profile Set Up Step 9
  2. Your Bucknell email should be listed. Click the Verify link.
  3. Check your email for a verification message from Concur.
  4. Copy the code from the email message into the "Enter Code" box next to the Email address below.
  5. Click "OK" to submit the code and complete verification.

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Profile Set Up Step 10



Contact Information — Mobile Phone

If you are traveling by rail or air it is very helpful to have your Mobile Phone entered into the system. For instance, this is used by Anthony Travel if they need to contact you regarding flight cancellations, delays, etc. Please enter your mobile phone and click Save. You do not need to send a test message.

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Profile Set Up Step 11