Travel Paid for by the University

Anthony Travel can assist with the arrangements and processing payment for approved travel expenses when the expense and the business purpose have a direct connection to the University.

Travel Reimbursements

Students may be reimbursed for pre-approved travel expenses when there is a direct connection between the expense and the business purposes of the University. Departments may also reimburse students for educational-related travel expenses such as attendance at conferences, athletic events, or research.

Travel funded under a scholarship or fellowship is subject to the tax reporting rules in IRS Pub 970 Taxation of Scholarship and Fellowship Grants and Educational Assistance. Questions regarding this should be directed to Finance (570.577.1138).

The business purpose of the travel must be substantiated on the Travel Expense Report. Substantiating documentation such as a copy of the meeting or conference program should be provided.

Traveling for One or Two Nights

Traveling for Three Nights or Greater

Non-credit Bearing: Pre-approval is required by the Provost's Office

Credit Bearing: Approval is required by the Office of International Education

  • Budget — Provide index number(s) to support expenses.
  • Approval — Request must include approval from Office of Global & Off-campus Education and budget manager(s).
  • Business Purpose — The expenditure of Bucknell's limited funds should be done in direct support of the University's mission.
  • Contact Anthony Travel for assistance with your request.