The Bucknell Travel Policy was approved on April 6, 2012.  The policy does not reference updated procedures for using the Concur system for expense reports/reimbursement and related functions. 

Explore the text below or download a pdf of the Bucknell University Travel Policy

Travel Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Traveler and Approver Responsibilities (pdf format)
All travelers, delegates and approvers are accountable for adhering to these responsibilities.


Purpose of Travel

Policy Highlights


The Procurement Services Office maintains the relationships with preferred vendors including preferred travel agencies and booking tools. Individuals booking travel through a preferred or other provider are required to adhere to the policies set forth in BTP.

Discounts are often available through AAA, AARP, and other personal and professional organizations. The University encourages individual to use their existing memberships as appropriate and appreciates the effort to minimize travel costs. Please note the cost of any particular membership program in not reimbursable as a travel expense.

Air travel, Surface Travel in Lieu of Air Travel, Automobile Transportation, Rail or Bus, Public Transportation and Miscellaneous Auto-Related Expenses

General, Gratuities for hosts, Internet Charges

Meals for Individuals, Business Meals with Internal Constituents, Business Meals with External Constituents

Foreign Travel
The Bucknell Travel Policy covers travel expenses incurred by individuals engaged in business travel to foreign countries. 

Grant Funded Travel
External Funding, Federally Funded Grants

Group Travel
Group travel is governed by the budget and procedures of the sponsoring department.

Special Travel Situations
Faculty Members on Sabbatical or Untenured Leave, Students, Non-University Travelers, Recruitment of Prospective Faculty and Staff, Independent Contractors, Consultants, Visiting Scholars, Spouse/Partner/Family and Other Companion Travel, Bucknell Off-campus International Programs, Sponsored Travel Expenses


University Credit Card Program
University-issued credit card holders are required to submit their reconciliations (using Concur) to Finance each month after supervisor approval with original receipts documenting each transaction of $25 or more.

Cash Advances
When absolutely necessary, advances of cash for expected business expenses in excess of $50 may be requested using a Travel Advance Request form. 

Travel Expense Reports
Timeliness, supporting documentation, and authorization details.

Non-Reimbursable Expenses
A list of non-reimbursable items.