• The University's travel reimbursement procedures are designed to conform to the "accountable plan" rules published by the IRS. Therefore, University reimbursement of travel expenses shall not result in additional taxable income to the individual.
  • BTP apply to all individuals traveling while conducting University business.
  • An individual should neither gain nor lose funds in the course of traveling to conduct University business while always adhering to the approved budget for the department.
  • Reimbursement will be provided for actual and reasonable expenses incurred for transportation, meals, lodging and other necessary business expenses within the expected trip budget. Lodging for university business is expected to be comfortable and appropriate for the location and the business purpose of the trip.
  • The University expects the individual to secure lodging that is not luxurious or extravagant. T he University standard meal allowance is $50/day for domestic travel and up to $75/day for international travel, including tips. This is the amount considered reasonable to cover the daily costs of meals; it is not a flat amount for per diem reimbursement.
  • Individuals who choose to incorporate personal travel with business travel must segregate the costs and provide documentation of the business portion.


  • For ease of transaction reporting, travel expenses are best transacted with credit cards whenever the vendor offers that option.
  • Personal charges or services will not be covered by the University. The University will not reimburse for traffic infractions incurred during University travel (i.e., parking tickets, speeding tickets or towing expense).
  • The University is not responsible for any expenses related to the loss or theft of personal property while on a business trip.
  • The University will not provide cash advances or make reimbursements for the travel expenses of companions who accompany individuals on approved University business. Individuals may retain the frequent flyer / bonus program rewards they earn through business travel. However, program benefits should not be the driving factor when selecting a vendor. Rewards used for purchasing business travel are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Expenses for personal travel should not be temporarily funded via cash advances or University credit card.