The IRS requires all travel and business expenses, including those charged to University-issued credit cards, be documented and supported in accordance with an accountable plan similar to that which governs all other travel and business expense reimbursements. All travel and entertainment expenses paid for with the credit card are subject to the same standards described in BTP.

University-issued credit card holders are required to submit their reconciliations (using Concur) to Finance each month after supervisor approval with original receipts documenting each transaction of $25 or more. An image of the receipt via fax, scanner or Smartphone is acceptable.

Original receipts should explicitly identify the following:

  • Vendor
  • Date
  • Location
  • Amount of payment
  • Listing of specific materials, services, meal, or entertainment provided

Credit card summary slips and statements are not valid receipts. If a vendor is unable to provide a valid itemized receipt for purchases over $25, please complete the missing receipt form and attach it to the credit card statement. If a purchase is made online, acceptable forms of documentation should include an itemization of the charges and proof of payment.

Under guidelines established by Bucknell, travel cards may be issued to individuals who travel on official University business. Any individual cardholder should use the card to pay for all expenses related to official University business travel except where the card is not accepted. Immediately upon the completion of the travel, expenses should be submitted for reconciliation.

Refer to the University Credit Card policy for specific timelines and procedures related to the card. Bucknell's credit card policy can be obtained by contacting the Procurement Services Office.