The BGRI offers a wide range of opportunities for members of each organization. The following components are viewed as core elements.

Shared Faculty and Staff

Central to the Initiative's mission is the expansion of joint appointments at Bucknell and Geisinger, allowing both organizations access to individuals with the capacity and desire to teach while conducting primary research within the areas targeted by both organizations. In addition to full-time appointments that accommodate a wide spectrum of teaching and research commitments, the Initiative creates capacity to sponsor 'teaching post-doc' opportunities as well as additional inter-institutional 'sabbatical' scholars-in-residence.

Enhancing and Expanding Relationships

In addition to supporting already identified areas of collaboration, the Initiative provides various support mechanisms and opportunities for seeding professional relationships between Bucknell faculty and Geisinger associates. Due to the dynamic nature of the healthcare field, the long-term impact and foci of the Initiative will depend heavily upon continually emerging and evolving ties between Bucknell faculty and Geisinger associates.

External Relationships

Jointly leveraging the large number of Bucknell alumni employed at healthcare-related corporations and organizations and Geisinger's numerous medical device and supplier networks provides a significant opportunity for cross-institutional efforts to focus on state-of-the-art healthcare related topics. Additionally, these networks enhance professional opportunities for Bucknell students and faculty as well as Geisinger associates.