When patrons arrive on campus for a Weis Center event, “Event Parking” directional signs will be posted and public safety officers will be stationed to guide traffic.

Convenient accessible parking is available adjacent to the Weis Center. Lot #71 is marked Staff, but it is used as accessible parking during Weis Center performances.

There are two parking lots directly behind the Weis Center, one is marked Visitor parking (Lot # 72) and the other is marked Staff (Lot #73) but is open to the public after 5 p.m.

Downhill of the Weis Center, there are two lots available to patrons: Lot #1 which shares parking with Bucknell’s shuttles, and Lot #5 near Gerhard Fieldhouse.

There is an additional parking lot just up the hill from the Weis Center (Lot #11), next to Marts. It is marked Staff but is open to the public after 8 p.m.

Uphill from the Weis Center and Christy Mathewson Stadium, patrons may park in Lots #63 and 65.

There is also additional overflow parking in Lots #57 and 59, immediately off of South Campus Drive.

Campus map with parking lots noted. Please zoom in to see lot numbers.