Tuesday, Feb. 5
7 p.m.

Weis Center

Suggested for ages 4 and older
Run time: 1 hour, 25 minutes (includes 15-minute intermission)

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Free kids' activities from the Public Library for Union County in the Atrium from 6-7 p.m

Since 1979, Imago has been creating transformative theatre that crosses boundaries traditionally associated with language, age and the physical realm. The company's trademark style - which combines masks, dance and slapstick with witty social commentary on the human condition - is the direct result of more than 30 years of study, development and practice. Not easily pigeonholed, Imago has repeatedly proven unique in its ability to create both popular family-oriented fare as highly regarded as its critically acclaimed (and ambitious) productions for adults.


Schools Matinee

Wednesday, Feb. 6
10 a.m.
Weis Center

$6 for students; chaperones FREE

Suggested for ages 4 and older
Run time: 60 minutes

Groups of 10 or more only. Advance reservations and payment required. General admission seating. Indicate any accessibility needs at time of reservation. Contact Lisa Leighton at 570.577.3727 or Lisa.Leighton@Bucknell.edu.