Thursday, Feb. 7
7:30 p.m.

Weis Center

Led by artistic director and composer Ma Jiuyue, Sounds of China features an outstanding ensemble of contemporary Chinese folk musicians that blends the ancient with the modern by combining time-honored Chinese music with modern arrangements. The group incorporates traditional Chinese instruments like erhu (a two-stringed spike fiddle), liuqin (a four-stringed Chinese mandolin), xun (a globular, vessel flute), pipa (a plucked four-string lute) and guhzeng (a Chinese zither) with Western orchestral instruments. With critically acclaimed performances throughout the United States, Sounds of China has been recognized for increasing and cultivating the appreciation and understanding of traditional Chinese music and culture.

The performance will feature a special watersleeves dance performance by Bucknell University students Eva Munshower '20 and Yili Wang '21. Choreographed by Er-Dong Hu.

Free Lec/Dem: 12-1 p.m. same day as the performance. Presentation on Chinese music and instrumentation, as well as the link between traditional and contemporary Chinese musical performance. Facilitated by Song Chen. Weis Center Atrium