Michelle Hendricks, Assistant Controller
Bob Hoster, Director of Internal Audit
Mike Cover, Treasurer & Controller
Pam Noone, Director Financial Info Systems
Steve Hoover, Business Services Analyst
Stacy Embeck, Payroll Office Assistant
Ron Stauffer, Associate Controller, Financial Services
Andrea Featherstone, Associate Budget Director
Valerie Cook, Assistant Director of Procurement Services
Jill Taylor, Payroll Manager
Bill George, Associate Controller, Accounting Services
Lori Wilson, Director of Business Services
Jody Graybill, Director of Disbursement Services
Carol Yost, Bursar Services Manager
Alison Young, Assistant Payroll Coordinator
Ed Loftus, Director, Business Planning
Elaine Waldron, Workday Communications

Human Resources

Kelley Adams-Verge, Benefits and Wellness Manager
Lisa Adams-Verge, Training & Organizational Development Manager
Cindy Bilger, Director of HRIS & Benefits
Amy Britton, Compensation Manager
Tom Mayernik, Instructional Designer/Trainer
Brandy Bloom, Recruitment Consultant
Danielle Kraus, Benefits Specialist
Marcia Cooney, Director for Human Resources Services
Don Kuhn, HRIS Manager
Martha Hass, HRIS Specialist
Kelly Dinan, Recruitment Consultant
Nancy Foster, Executive Assistant

Information Technology

Susanna Jackson, Project Manager
Chuck Gerst, Assistant Director of Operations
Galen Dunkleberger, Programmer Analyst
Chris Kern, Programmer Analyst
Kirsten Walter, Support Coordinator
Melissa Rycroft, Manager of Technology Training Programs
Emily Sherwood, Assistant Director of Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship
Dan Mancusi, Assistant Director of Development
Kevin Willey, Director of Enterprise Systems
Mark Yerger, Chief Technology Officer