Writing Instruction

Writing instruction at Bucknell takes place in writing-intensive courses offered at all levels in virtually every department. W1 courses offer a general introduction to college writing, while W2 courses allow students to practice rhetorical conventions in particular disciplines.

Writing Requirement

All Bucknell students must successfully complete one W1 course and two W2 courses before graduating. The expectations established by the university faculty for W1 and W2 courses are described in Bucknell's Writing Requirement.

Finding W1 and W2 Courses

To find W course offerings for the current semester, go to the Course Information page in BannerWeb, select "Lookup By Requirement," and select "Writing Level 1" or "Writing Level 2" (for W1 or W2 courses, respectively). To identify W courses taught in past semesters (1997-present), use the Find a W Course tool.

Please note that in most cases, the W designation is determined by the instructor, not by the course. This means that a course taught as a W course one semester may not automatically be a W course in other semesters or when taught by different instructors.

To verify whether a given section of a course is a W course in a given semester, students should check the Course Information page in Banner as described above.