By engaging in conversation with writers about their projects, listening to them read drafts aloud, or helping writers brainstorm ideas, writing consultants help writers put their thoughts into words and get a sense of whether their words convey the meaning they intend. Consultants can help writers answer the question that most writers have at some point: "Does this make sense?" Through reflective listening and by asking questions, consultants help writers to clarify their own thinking and writing at all levels, from organization and content to grammar and sentence structure.

Faculty and staff members as well as students consult with us about their writing. In private sessions they may talk about ideas, read drafts aloud, revise chapters of books, edit a dissertation, or practice a professional presentation.

Individual sessions typically last for one hour. In these sessions, writers are asked to describe their chief concerns about a draft in progress and are invited to read the draft aloud to the consultant, stopping when questions arise or when the consultant or writer wishes to summarize or ask for clarification.

Consultants may provide instruction in editing and proofreading, but will not serve as editors or proofreaders of your work.