Individual and Group Consultations

Professional consultants and peer writing consultants work with students on individual and collaborative writing projects. We can meet with students at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming through drafting and revising. We can also help students develop their oral presentation skills. Consultants are experienced in working with international and learning disabled students.

We ask that faculty members who encourage entire classes of students to make individual consulting appointments notify us well in advance, and also share with us the goals of the writing assignment on which the students are working. Keeping the Writing Center informed enables us to share useful information about assignments with our peer writing consultants, as well as to anticipate increased demand for appointments.

Faculty members are welcome to attend one or more of our weekly peer consultant meetings to discuss their expectations for assignments that their students will be bringing to the Writing Center. Faculty members who have done this in the past have found the discussions to be mutually illuminating and worthwhile. If you wish to attend a meeting, please call the Writing Center at 570.577.3141 and speak with one of the professional consultants.

Classroom Visits

As schedules permit, peer writing consultants may be available to visit your class to explain to your students what to expect in a Writing Center appointment and how to make the best use of Writing Center services. Faculty members and students have found these brief student-to-student conversations to be very effective. To arrange for a visit, please call the Writing Center at 570.577.3141.

We hope this is obvious, but . . .
Writing Center staff members and peer consultants should not be used as "substitute teachers" when the course instructor is absent.

Classroom Workshops

Our staff-led classroom workshops are intended to introduce faculty members to strategies and approaches they might use themselves in teaching writing across the curriculum. We are glad to model any workshop listed below for an individual faculty member. (Since classroom workshops on writing are most effective when course instructors participate in them, Writing Center staff members do not lead classroom workshops in the absence of the primary instructor. Faculty members may request assistance with a workshop no more than three times.) Staff members are also available to consult with instructors on course design and teaching strategies. We are committed to helping increase the confidence of faculty from across the disciplines as they teach writing in their courses.

Available Workshops

Writing Center staff members will work with you to design and conduct the following workshops for your students during class meetings (1 to 1 1/2 hours):

Writing in College

This interactive workshop is intended for first-semester students and, like our other workshops, generally requires an entire class period. Participants consider the writing they have done in high school, the ways in which writing assignments for their Bucknell courses may present new challenges and require new approaches, and some common practices of successful college writers.

Writer-Centered Peer Response

Students learn and practice useful strategies for responding constructively to each other's writing. In the process, they learn how to identify and articulate questions about their own drafts. This workshop is best scheduled when students have written a first draft of an assignment. Writing Center consultants customize these workshops for each course and assignment, so please plan for some lead time and discussion as we plan your workshop. (For some other approaches to peer response that you might employ in your class, see our Teaching Materials page.)

Here are the basic workshop plan and handouts that we typically adapt to suit the specific assignment (all are pdf documents):

Oral Presentation Workshop

In this practice session, students learn effective oral delivery techniques and methods of providing constructive responses that will help a fellow speaker improve. This workshop is useful when students have been given an oral presentation assignment and can come to the workshop prepared to give a 1-3 min. practice presentation to a small group. Writing Center consultants customize these workshops for each course and assignment, so please plan for some lead time and discussion as we plan a workshop with you.