Some Comprehensive Resources for Teaching Writing

Incorporating Writing-to-Learn Activities

Writing-to-learn activities help students learn course material by writing about it in frequent, relatively "low-stakes" assignments. While designing, collecting, and (if you so choose) responding to writing-to-learn assignments does require a minimal time investment, instructors benefit by receiving immediate information about students' understanding of course concepts, and students benefit from opportunities to articulate their developing understanding in advance of higher-stakes assignments such as formal essays or exams.

Teaching First-year Writing

Teaching Writing in STEM Courses

Using Peer Response in the Classroom

Materials from our peer response classroom workshops:

Other peer response resources and models:

  • No One Writes Alone — Video (6:33) from MIT, directed to a student audience, contextualizing peer review as a central activity for all writers and thinkers. Includes student and faculty voices.
  • Modes of Peer Response (including how to set up activities and prepare students) — Bucknell workshop handouts, Chris Anson, N. C. State (pdf)
  • Response Styles — Chris Anson, N. C. State (geared toward faculty but also applicable to student responders) (pdf)
  • How to Help Students Give Effective Peer Response — Bucknell workshop handout, Terry Myers Zawacki, George Mason University (pdf)

Teaching Multilingual Writers

Adapting Instructional Methods and Materials to Accommodate All Learners

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