Please feel free to share ideas for future workshops and discussions with the Writing Program Director or with members of the Writing Center staff. Workshop and discussion topics in recent years have included:

  • "Reading and Writing Visual Arguments"
    January 2016 Faculty Development Workshop with Karen Gocsik, Director of the Warren College Writing Program and the Interim Director of the Basic Writing Program at the University of California, San Diego
  • "Multilingual Writers across the Curriculum"
    January 2015 Faculty Workshop with Michelle Cox, founding director, English Language Support Office, Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines, Cornell University
  • "Anti-Racism in the Classroom: Effective Writing Pedagogies for White Students"
    January 2014 Faculty Workshop with Jennifer Seibel Trainor, Associate Professor of English, San Francisco State University
  • "Teaching and Assessing Writing in the Disciplines"
    January 2013 Faculty Workshop with Terry Myers Zawacki, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum at George Mason University
  • "Toward Total Engagement: How Writing Can Motivate Students and Deepen Learning," and "Responding to Students' Writing: New ideas, New Media"
    January 2012 Workshop with Chris Anson, Director of the Campus Writing and Speaking Program at N. C. State University
  • "Teaching Writing in STEM Courses"
    January 2011 Faculty Workshop with Cary Moskovitz, Director of Writing in the Disciplines at Duke University
  • "Integrating Writing and Learning Across the Curriculum"
    January 2010 Faculty Workshop with Katy Gottschalk and Keith Hjortshoj" of Cornell University
  • "Teaching Multilingual Students Across the Curriculum"
    January 2009 Faculty Workshop with Professor Vivian Zamel of UMass, Boston
  • "Teaching Non-Native English Speakers at Bucknell: Inclusive Approaches,"
    A three-part series including Oregon State University's award-winning DVD, "Writing Across Borders;" shared experiences from a panel of international students at Bucknell; and discussion of a chapter of Iona Leki's book, Understanding ESL Writers.
  • "Responding Off the Page: Methods and Rationale for Spoken Response to Student Writing,"
    A panel discussion with Bucknell faculty members Helen Morris-Keitel, Steve Jordan, Abe Feuerstein, and Sue Ellen Henry
  • "Teaching the Moves of the Critical Essay" and "Making Writing Visible in the Disciplines"
    January 2008 workshop with Joseph D. Harris, Director of the Writing Program at Duke University
  • "What Students Have to Say About Bucknell's Writing Across the Curriculum Program: A Panel Discussion with Students from Several Disciplines"
  • "The Action Is in the Argument: Teaching Argument in Academic Writing"
    January 2007 Workshop with Holly Bauer and Linda Brodkey
  • "Uncovering Whiteness in Writing, Reading and Teaching"
    January 2006 workshop with Gail Griffin
  • "Teaching Across Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Course Design, Pedagogy and Assessment"
    January 2005 workshop with Carolyn Haynes
  • "Using Writing to Teach the Sciences"
    January 2004 workshop with Michael Strauss
  • "Writing to Learn/Learning to Write"
    January 2003 workshop with Toby Fulwiler
  • "Using Writing Effectively in Foundation Seminars"
    Bucknell faculty discussion
  • "Teaching Writing in Language Courses"
    Bucknell faculty discussion
  • "Teaching to Avoid Plagiarism"
    Bucknell faculty discussion
  • "Free Speech and Teaching"
    Bucknell faculty discussion
  • "Electronic Communication Across the Curriculum" Bucknell faculty discussion