In April 2018, Bucknell broke ground on Academic East, a priority of the WE DO Campaign that will offer cutting-edge resources for departments from two of our three colleges, deepen our commitment to interdisciplinary learning and build on the University’s distinctive standpoint in the educational marketplace.

The three-story, 78,000-square-foot academic building will provide laboratory, classroom and office space for departments across the College of Engineering and serve as a new home for the Department of Education. Your support for Academic East will not only help finalize construction but ensure that students have access to state-of-the-art laboratory and classroom equipment for decades to come.

Expanding Research and Teaching Opportunities

Academic East will contain more than 25 engineering laboratories — expanding lab space available to students and faculty by 50 percent — as well as four classrooms and additional areas for student-faculty collaboration. These spaces and the equipment they house will expand research tied to the medical field and support work from an array of disciplines broadly related to human health — including materials science, fluid mechanics, food science and sustainable transportation.

All engineering departments will benefit from these new spaces and resources that support research breakthroughs and novel learning experiences. | Explore the laboratory spaces planned for Academic East.

Education students will also gain significantly from your support for the spaces and resources found in Academic East, preparing them to confront the challenges and opportunities found in today’s classrooms. Among the building’s most innovative areas is a new Teaching Lab designed to train future science educators in an authentic classroom environment, complete with experiment tables and laboratory equipment.

a look at the new nexus
Academic East will complete a new quad behind Bertrand Library, and continue the strategic development of the southern end of campus as a living-learning hub of academic buildings and modern, apartment-style housing.

An Interdisciplinary Nexus

Your support for Academic East will also have a greater ripple effect throughout the Bucknell campus. Shifting the Department of Education to Academic East will bring education programs closer to the social science departments based in neighboring Academic West and support existing and future education-engineering collaborations, including pedagogical research that measures and improves learning outcomes for Bucknell students. The department’s move from Olin Hall will additionally allow the University to reconfigure that building as a modern nexus for mathematics and physical sciences, fostering further interdisciplinary partnerships.

By investing in Academic East, you can help foster the connections that broaden perspectives and change lives. Your commitment strengthens interdisciplinary education, positions Bucknell as a leader in undergraduate human-health education, and contributes to the improvement of health conditions in settings around the world.