Bucknell's College of Arts & Sciences is one of the largest and most diverse of the top-ranked national liberal arts colleges. The College provides a strong liberal arts base — including both breadth of learning and depth of specialization — for 2,838 Arts and Sciences students. In addition, the College of Arts & Sciences provides the basic mathematics, science, and liberal arts courses for students in the College of Engineering.

Structure of the College

The College comprises the three traditional liberal arts divisions: arts and humanities; social sciences; and natural sciences and mathematics.

Over 290 faculty members in 31 departments and interdisciplinary programs offer 47 majors and 62 minors to Arts & Sciences students.

Degrees Offered

Degrees in the College include: the traditional Bachelor of Arts degree; choice of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in the natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science; and professional degrees in music and education.


In the College of Arts & Sciences, we have designed a College Core Curriculum that:

  • provides students with the foundational preparation for a lifetime of critical thinking and civic engagement;
  • offers students opportunities for intellectual exploration and in-depth study in an academic discipline;
  • prepares students for meaningful involvement with a rapidly changing world characterized by diverse individual perspectives, globalization and multi-cultural interactions, and scientific/technological innovation;
  • provides students with opportunities to build and enhance their abilities to understand the social and natural worlds around them; to analyze, evaluate, and integrate the information available to them; and to synthesize and communicate thought effectively.

Students can integrate a variety of interests through the individual Interdepartmental Major or the broad College Major, or by combining a major with a minor or with another academic program-such as the Institute for Leadership in Technology & Management.

Students in the College benefit from attention to their intellectual development through the College Core Curriculum and disciplinary courses, through the University Writing Program, and through opportunities for independent study and Undergraduate Research.

Applying to the College of Arts & Sciences

Select your intended major within the College of Arts & Sciences. If you have not decided which major to pursue, select "Undecided Arts & Sciences" within the College of Arts & Sciences. The opportunities for students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences to transfer into the College of Engineering are quite limited, and enrollment in the Freeman College of Management is limited to students who were admitted directly into the Freeman College of Management at the time of their initial application to Bucknell. You should apply directly to your preferred college.