The major may be pursued under either the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of science programs. The programs differ chiefly in the number of advanced science courses and laboratories. All students are encouraged to seek laboratory and field experiences in addition to required course work. The Bucknell laboratories, as well as opportunities abroad, are well suited to so complement the student's education. Research culminating in an honors thesis is especially recommended.

The bachelor of arts major includes an introduction to Animal Behavior course, three Biology core courses, two Psychology core courses and Research Methods in Animal Behavior. Science and math courses include Chemistry and Statistics. Advanced courses include two upper-level electives and an Advanced Topics in Animal Behavior course.   The bachelor of science major consists of the same courses noted above and: the fourth biology core course, Calculus, Physics, an additional research methods course, and an additional upper-level elective.   Please see the Course Catalog for detailed course listings, a recommended course sequence and other information.